It’s been such an exciting time here in Los Angeles this week.

I’ve gone back to work with Chan Tatum on a new film project and as always, he’s one of the great guys in this business… to work with, laugh with and share memorable times.  Next, I produced a song,  the Stones’ “Moonlight Mile” for Cybill Shepherd for her new film, “ROSE”. This was Cybill at her best and the performance will bring tears to your eyes.

Please make sure not to miss Robert Allan Ackerman’s  “BLOOD” at the Complex Theatre. It is a remarkable play having garnered unanimous rave reviews and I was honored to design the harmonies and coach the cast on their vocals.  It runs through the first of the year.

I loved spending time with Judy Davis these past few weeks. She’s here filming “FEUD” with my pal Jessica Lange, Working with Judy on “ME AND MY SHADOWS: LIFE WITH JUDY GARLAND” was one of my favorite experiences ever.  She’s an extraordinary actress and person… one of the true greats.

Lastly, I’m thrilled to be going to NYC for the Thanksgiving holiday  and while there I will have meetings on our new musical, “SING”.  A workshop will soon follow here in Los Angeles, with composers including my partner Franne Golde, Brenda Russell, Stephen Bray, Ari Hest, Ferras, Richard Kerr et al.  Til next time, have a great holiday all.