Private Classes

Bob’s one hour private sessions cover technique, audition and performance preparation, including emotional and presentational approaches to all material.

Bob’s technique through exercises include focus on strain-free vocals, breathing, expanding the range, voice placement and vocal stamina.

The hour begins with exercises which markedly better your voice on a daily basis. The rest of the session is devoted to working on audition material and/or honing in on upcoming performances.

Bob’s audition work includes the mastering of five songs: A Broadway uptempo and ballad, a contemporary uptempo and ballad, and a comedy piece. The work includes choice of material, as well as technical, emotional, and choreographic approaches.

Bob chooses unique material that will not be performed by others at auditions. The five song repertoire, will guarantee that you will no longer be looking for material and working on it days before an audition. Classes also cover microphone technique, studio recording, and working through performance nerves.

Bob’s approach to audition and performance peaces guarantee a memorable visual and listening experience for any audience.


Bob’s Musical Theatre Workshop Master classes are a life-altering experience designed to teach you to be creatively independent. During this one-of-a-kind journey, all actors will sharpen their artistic talents and skills so that they can create their own show-stopping auditions and theatre performances by themselves.

This is the only industry workshop where actors get to work on roles they’ve always dreamed of playing.

The Nine Week rundown includes:

Vocal Technique:

Complete with exercises

The Audition:

How to Choose and Prepare Songs, Focusing on the Technical, the Emotional, and the Presentational. Tools and tips on how to care for your voice, how to research the role, prep sheet music, what to do outside and inside the room and after the audition are all included in this session.

The Callback:

How to nail cold readings, monologues, learning a song on the spot with harmonies and dance combinations.

Broadway creators guest for each session.

The Rehearsal Process:

A Five Week rehearsal period with assigned scenes and songs: Explore how to find your character, physically and emotionally, and how to make a seamless transition from scene to song

The Performance:

The best attended industry showcase in the country with over twenty casting directors, agents, managers, directors, choreographers, composers, and playwrights present in support of new talent.

Each actor appears in two scenes and songs. Ninety percent of past participants are currently repped and employed.