Drew Barrymore
“Bob Rules! He is an extremely bright and creative force of nature: meticulous, inventive, supportive and knowledgeable. Simply, the best!”

Jessica Lange
“Bob is an invaluable asset to any actor. He inspires not only with humour and a clear musical approach but with a rare understanding of character and an intelligent, and emotional understanding of lyric.”

Judy Davis
“On set and off, Bob is an inspiring artist: He stimulates, challenges, nurtures, perseveres and effortlessly partners you to musical comfort. And, a true pleasure to work with.”

Gerard Butler
“Bob’s musical approaches insure that you do your best work. He has great technical expertise, ease, humor and unique concepts. A vocal magician!”

Brian Stokes Mitchell
“From Broadway to the recording studio, Bob knows how to style your voice and how to teach you more than words- to communicate emotions!”


“Gerard Butler shows some very impressive vocal technique.”… New York Times.

“Gerard Butler brings a raw, full throated masculinity to the Phantom.”… Time Magazine.


The music in “LUCKY YOU” is of a high, canonical quality especially when it’s Drew Barrymore singing “Cold Hard Truth”…. New York Times.


“Judy Davis” concert recreations, (flawlessly lyp-synched to the real Garland”s voice,) make you swear you were watching archival footage.”…New York Times

“This isn’t mere impersonation, although the lyp-synching mimicry is staggeringly realistic. Judy Davis becomes Judy Garland. And we become transfixed.” …Matt Roush, TV Guide.

“These are more than mere impersonations, though the recreations of Garland?s concerts, movies and mannerisms are so uncanny, they’re almost spooky. These are full-bodied performances that lead us towards a greater appreciation of Garland’s talent.” …Newsweek Magazine

Rain Pryor
“As a vocal coach, director and idea man, Bob is an invaluable asset to any performer. A true visionary!”

Robert Allan Ackerman
“Me and My Shadows: Life with Judy Garland” Director: “Bob Garrett is not only a consummate teacher, he is a passionate and compassionate man. I envy anyone trying to make their way through the complexities of show business the chance to encounter such a great source of knowledge, technical skill, and loving support.”

James Tupper – HBO’s “BIG LITTLE LIES”
“For the last nine days from 7pm until the rise of the sun, we shot the finale of the series. I stood night after night lip syncing to “How’s the World Treating You”, the song you taught me. So much pressure with the camera two feet from my face. I played the lyrics like candy in my mouth. You gave me such strength. Some power to do it. I opened up my whole soul to hundreds of people. The final two nights they gave me (one hour earlier) a version that was double speed so they could shoot it in slow motion. And without a hitch I poured and poured all the wisdom of our time together. I really don’t know what strength, where it came from… How it was so so alive. But there it was Bob. The gift of knowing and being and giving. I feel proud . Not just of our song but also to know and have worked with you. Thank you.”